Potable Water Treatment Systems

PWTS "Blue Series"

Field Tested:

The EcoNomad™ self contained, transportable utility technology was developed in 1999. Our containerized wastewater management systems have been manufactured since 2000, and provide an environmentally friendly solution to temporary and permanent installations requiring superior quality, treated effluent.

In 2003, the technology was first introduced to the western Canadian oil field servicing industry. Presently, there are on average 80 treatment units under lease to such companies as: EnCana Corporation, Apache Corporation, Fairborn Energy Trust, and others.

Our aim is to provide turnkey solutions for your remote facilities and transitional infrastructure needs. We are your one-stop wastewater management solution, with a small footprint both in the size of our units, and in the overall environmental impact.

Proven Technology:

The entire potable water technology was developed as a stand-alone module that can easily be supplied to any installation site. Our units are factory assembled, and are delivered to the installation site in a ready to operate condition.

Our Potable Water Treatment Systems, or PWTS "Blue" series of containerized drinking water treatment systems, combines a NSF 55 (Class A) certified, membrane based water treatment technology, with a storage system and several site specific add-on technologies into a compact, standalone drinking water treatment supply and storage system.

The technology has been developed in a "modular" manner, which allows us to easily tailor to site specific capacity and regulatory requirements. By adding different pre- and post-treatment equipment, the units can be adapted to handle various types, and qualities, of raw water sources. Depending on the application, the system potable water capacity ranges from 15 to 600 people per day, or can be clustered to service a myriad of installation populations.

All units use identical core, modular, treatment technology which allows for rapid deployment, installation, and service for your potable water needs. Various add-on products including wastewater treatment systems, grease traps, or power supply units enhance the services that we can provide.

Series Applications * Estimated
Capacity **
Dimension Raw Water Storage Potable Water Treatment & Storage Maximum Daily Throughput
PWTS "Blue" 10 Full Facilities 15 Person MAX 7' Wide X 20' Long 3-Axel Trailer Unit 3,000 Liter (792 Gallon) 18LPM continuous treatment, 3,000 or 6,000L treated water 25,0000 Liters (6,604 Gallon)
Office/Construction Facilities 40 Person
Bathroom Facilities 150 Person
PWTS "Blue" 20 Full Facilities 30 Person MAX 20' ISO Shipping Container 6,000 Liter (1,585 Gallon) 36LPM continuous treatment 6,000L treated water 50,000 Liters (13,208 Gallon)
Office/Construction Facilities 80 Person
Bathroom Facilities 300 Person
PWTS "Blue" 40 Full Facilities 60 Person MAX 20' ISO Shipping Container 9,000 or 12,000 Liter (2,378 or 3,170 Gallon) 54LPM continuous treatment, 12,000L treated water 75,0000 Liters (19,812 Gallon)
Office/Construction Facilities 160 Person
Bathroom Facilities 600 Person
Full Facilities (Kitchen, Toilet, Shower, Personal), Office Facilities (Toilet, Shower, Personal), Bathroom Facilities (Toilet, Personal)
Capacity Will Vary Depending on site specific details, use of the occupants, and the regional water usage codes or regulatioins

Technology Advantage:

Not every remote location has easy access to an unlimited supply of raw water. In many locations, a slow flowing well or long distance to the intake system reduces the raw water capacity to a constant, but low flow supply. The PWTS "Blue" technology uses an integrated storage system to collect several thousand liters of water before the actual treatment. The storage tanks create a buffer for demand surges, and allow for a high safety factor to provide a constant, and reliable, supply of safe, treated water. In the event of any unexpected failure of the source water, a minimum of 24 hours of potable water supply is available, stored inside the container unit. The storage capacity significantly increases the safety factor for any operation. Our systems are designed for continuous operation in remote or harsh locations, housed in heated, robust standard ISO20 or ISO40 shipping containers.

Potable Water Treatment and Storage
Base Technology: Optional Add-on Components:
30AMP or 50AMP power distribution panel complete with main and circuit breakers.
Float controlled raw water intake pumps (as per site specific requirments).
Raw water storage(buffer) tanks complete with spin-filter based filtration system and discharge to outside diposal.
Additional 20' ISO container substation can be added to signigicantly augment raw ater storage capacity.
Iron Removal System.
Duplex pressure pumps to transfer raw water through membrane system (float controlled, demand control panel).
Duplex pre-filter system complete with individual shut down to allow for reduced system operation during servicing or maintenance.
General Electric membrane based filtration system with automated back-flush; NSF 42 & NSF 53 certified, compliant with 99.999% containment removal.
Storage tank for membrane back-flush and pump to disposal.
Residual disinfection: duplex pump chloination system comple with automatic safety shutdown.
Intrinsically safe ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system complete with UV intensity sensor and solenoid shut-down if UV bulbs fail, or if power to UV disinfection system is interrupted(certified as per NSF 55, Class A).
Treated water storage (surge) tanks.
Duplex pressurized potable water connection units or transfer pumps to deilver treated water to independently pressurized potable water storage tanks or accommodation units (please note that accommodation units require self contained pressurized potable water supply system).
Duplex pressure pumps to provide pressurized potable water connection to utility user such as a temporary camp installation (please not that in this configuration the potable water treament system is designed and equipped to provide pressurized potable water directly to the accommodation units.
In case where no additional water treament equipment is required (such as UV or iron removal), supplementary raw ater storage(buffer) tanks or treated water storage(surge) tanks can be installed to increase capacities of the existing tanks.

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