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Field Tested:

The EcoNomadTM self contained, transportable utility technology was developed in 1999. Our containerized wastewater management systems have been manufactured since 2000, and provide an environmentally friendly solution to temporary and permanent installations requiring superior quality, treated effluent.

In 2003, the technology was first introduced to the western Canadian oil field servicing industry. Presently, there are on average 80 treatment units under lease to such companies as: EnCana Corporation, Apache Corporation, Fairborn Energy Trust, and others.

Our aim is to provide turnkey solutions for your remote facilities and transitional infrastructure needs. We are your one-stop wastewater management solution, with a small footprint both in the size of our units, and in the overall environmental impact.

Containerized Office, Workspace, & Water Treatment Systems:

Our line of ISO 20' and ISO 40' (interior height of 96"), customized shipping containers, are perfect for such applications as offices, workshops, and storage units. We can provide services including off the grid power, membrane based potable water treatment and storage, and environmentally benign wastewater treatment. In addition to the basic container conversion, we are able to offer the added convenience of a custom designed and integrated utility module, into the existing space. The seamless integration of an office/work space with the convenience of an indoor washroom (and/or compact kitchen, upon request), associated potable water treatment and storage, and wastewater management system, creates a stand-alone module that can be delivered in ready to operate condition.

Series Applications * Estimated
Capacity **
Dimension Septic Tank Capacity Potable Water System Power Requirement
IWOS 600 Full Facilities (with sleeping nook) 1 Person 20' ISO Container 1,200 Liter (317 Gallon) 400 Liter (106Gallon) 110 or 220 Vac
Office Facilities (no sleeping nook) 3 Person
Bathroom Facilities / Breakfast Nook 8 Person
IWOS 1,200 Full Facilities 6 Person 40' ISO Container 3,300 Liter (317 Gallon) 2,000 Liter (106Gallon) 110 or 220 Vac
Office Facilities (showers on site) 30 Person
Office Facilities (no showers on site) 75 Person
Full Facilities (Kitchen, Toilet, Shower, Personal), Office Facilities (Toilet, Shower, Personal), Bathroom Facilities (Toilet, Personal)
Capacity will vary depending on site specific details, use of the occupants, and the regional water usage codes or regulations.

Proven Technology:

The Integrated Water Treatment and Workspace Systems (IWOS) technology was developed as a stand-alone module that can easily be supplied to any installation site. Our units are factory assembled, and are delivered to the installation site in a ready to operate condition. All units use identical core, modular, treatment technology. Our modular systems also allow for rapid deployment, installation, and service for your site needs.

Our WTS series of containerized wastewater treatment technology combines our custom designed dual chamber septic tanks (including aeration and fixed film media), disinfection and treatment systems, convenient through-wall connections for dual raw sewage inlets, single outlet and hook-up for external power supply, pumps, and all control and alarms systems securely installed into a singular, insulated unit. Our units are designed for continuous 4-season-operation. The pre-treated wastewater is dosed over a proven, extremely lightweight treatment medium and the treated effluent is collected for recirculation or for final discharge. Following ultra-violet light treatment and disinfection (depending on the authority having jurisdiction) the effluent is usually discharged directly above ground. Treatment results depend on incoming sewage quality. On average, the treatment should result in the following discharge quality:

  • BOD: below 10 mg/l
  • TSS: below 10 mg/l
  • Coliform: 99% removal of fecal coliform

If potable water treatment solutions are required, our systems can be fitted with our reliable PWTS "Blue" series of containerized potable water treatment systems, combines a NSF 55 (Class A) certified, membrane based water treatment technology compliant with 99.999% contaminant removal, raw (buffer) and treated (surge) storage system, intrinsically safe duplex ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system, UV system fail safe shut off sensors, duplex pumping systems, residual chlorination disinfection systems (optional), and pressurized potable water connection to utility user (optional).

All units use identical core treatment technology. Our units can be scaled in size or clustered to service your camps population needs. The technology has been developed in a "modular" manner, which allows us to easily tailor to site specific capacity and regulatory requirements, and allows for rapid deployment, installation, and service for your needs. Our systems are designed for continuous operation in remote or harsh locations, housed in heated, robust standard ISO20 or ISO40 shipping containers.

Various add-on products including grease traps, power supply units, or potable water treatment systems enhance the services that we can provide. Our line of Compact Waste Treatment Solutions (CWTS) can be easily integrated into an office, guardhouse, residential, or workshop assembly.

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