Grease Trap Systems

Field Tested:

The EcoNomadTM self contained, transportable utility technology was developed in 1999. Our containerized wastewater management systems have been manufactured since 2000, and provide an environmentally friendly solution to temporary and permanent installations requiring superior quality, treated effluent.

In 2003, the technology was first introduced to the western Canadian oil field servicing industry. Presently, there are on average 80 treatment units under lease to such companies as: EnCana Corporation, Apache Corporation, Fairborn Energy Trust, and others.

Our aim is to provide turnkey solutions for your remote facilities and transitional infrastructure needs. We are your one-stop wastewater management solution, with a small footprint both in the size of our units, and in the overall environmental impact.

Proven Technology:

When large scale commercial, on-site, wastewater systems are attached to transitional, temporary, or remote accommodation units, the management of kitchen (and other system) fats, oils and greases (FOG) is critical. While the clogging of collection pipes or sewage transfer systems are a significant problem, the excess amount of FOG can also slow or completely shut down the wastewater treatment process. In response to these issues, we have developed a large scale grease trap unit, housed in an insulated 20" ISO shipping container. The container has 2 doors on each end, allowing for a safe working environment and easy access for vacuum pumping.

There are numerous variables in any camp operation. While the generation and composition of greases in not an exact science, we have developed the following configurations suited to deal with most facilities requirements:

  • GTS 20 is housed in a 20' ISO container, and is designed to service accommodation units from 60 to 300 person occupancy.

  • GTS 40 is housed in a 20' ISO container, and is designed to service accommodation units from 100 to 400 person occupancy.
Grease Trap Systems
Base Technology: Optional Add-on Components:
Two interconnected polyethylene tanks with a combines 10,000 liter liquid capacity (20,000 liter in the 40' ISO unit).
16" airspace between the top of liquid and the top of tank to allow for accumulation of fog and easy removal.
Two large 21" diamater access lids to allow for easy vacuum truck access and pump out.
Multi-barrier system with intergrated down-flow weir structure to separate solids and greases.
Duplex compressor complete with aeration diffusers can be installed as per customer requirements.
dual vortex-type transfer pumps (floats controlled) to forward the pre-cleaned effluent to the wasterwater treatment unit.
30AMP 110/240 power supply panel and power distribution.

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