EcoNomad™ Multi-Utility Platform

Field Tested:

The EcoNomadTM self contained, transportable utility technology was developed in 1999. Our containerized utility appliances have been manufactured since 2000, and provide an environmentally friendly solution to your temporary and permanent infrastructure needs. Our aim is to provide turnkey solutions for your remote facilities and transitional infrastructure needs. We are your one-stop waste and potable water solution, with a small footprint both in the size of our units, and in the overall environmental impact.

The research, product development and prototype was supported by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Research Division), Industry Canada and the National Research Council.

  • In 2000, the EcoNomad™ utility appliance technology was chosen for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Millennium Housing Award (Technology Category).
  • In 2007 the technology was selected as the national winner (Canada) in the international "Energy Globe" sustainable technology competition.

The EcoNomad™ Concept:

The "EcoNomad™" is a factory assembled utility and infrastructure appliance. This unit instantly provides a pre-fabricated and tested infrastructure convenience for any location on the globe-making it possible to establish a dwelling, community or business anywhere and at any time. The EcoNomad™ Utility Appliance conveniently integrates the following modules into one singular, transportable structure.

  • Potable water purification
  • Domestic hot water supply
  • Wastewater Management
  • Engine (CHP) based Power supply combined with
  • Renewable Energy options (PV, wind, water)
  • Space heating (optional / hydronic only)
  • Rain water collection & storage (optional)
  • Remote monitoring and control (optional)


The utility appliance technology is a "platform technology" allowing for numerous adaptations depending on size, climate, cost and anticipated usage patterns.

  • To facilitate easy transport by road, rail, water or air to any location in the world, the technology is housed in a standard 8' by 20' or 40' ISO shipping container. The unit can be insulated to allow for operation in the harshest climates.
  • The technology is designed as a modular system; equipment and components can easily be exchanged, deleted or upgraded at any time without significantly affecting the overall operation of the core technology.
  • The most innovative feature of the EcoNomad™ is the optimization and integration of each component to maximize operational efficiency, minimize interference and to take advantage of mutually beneficial interactions.
  • To assure best operation, critical components and equipment are sourced from well known and global suppliers such as: General Electric, Kubota, Izuzu, Honeywell, Omron, SJE Rhombus and Johnson Controls.
Series Applications * Estimated
Capacity **
Dimension Septic Tank Capacity Potable Water Capacity Power Requirement
ENUP 20/5 Single Family Home 3 to 5 Person 20' ISO Container 3,200 Liter (845 Gallon) 1,500 Liter (396 Gallon) 60 Amp 110 or 220 VAC
Construction Office
Seasonal Cottage
ENUP 20/8 Full Facilities 7 to 10 Person 20' ISO Container 3,700 Liter (977 Gallon) 1,500 Liter (396 Gallon) 60 Amp 110 or 220 VAC
Office Facilities 19 to 24 Person
Bathroom Facilities 69 to 87 Person
ENUP 40/20 Full Facilities 13 to 17 Person 40' ISO 6,400 Liter (1,691 Gallon) 3,000 Liter (792 Gallon) 100 Amp 110 or 220 VAC
Office Facilities 34 to 43 Person
Bathroom Facilities 119 to 149 Person
Full Facilities (Kitchen, Toilet, Shower, Personal), Office Facilities (Toilet, Shower, Personal), Bathroom Facilities (Toilet, Personal)
Capacity Will Vary Depending on site specific details, use of the occupants, and the regional water usage codes or regulatioins

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