Commercial Applications:

Our customizable utility packages are ideal for your transitional, temporary, or micro-infrastructure needs. In particular, we are able to provide deployable water treatment solutions superior to those commonly available on the market. Both our potable and wastewater treatment systems can be configured to manage full facilities up to 60 people (depending on site specific applications, site efficiency, and legal regulations), or clustered to manage much larger temporary communities. In the case of micro-applications such as bathroom facilities, the population management capacity swells dramatically.

The utility appliance configuration has the added benefit of being completely independent of grid services. We are able to deliver ready to operate units that can be plugged into the local environment. Our potable water systems are designed to treat water from local sources such as creeks or lakes, and our wastewater treatment systems are designed to return your used water to an environmentally benign state, ready for surface release back into the local environment. Such solutions applied to remote facilities can virtually eliminate the need for trucking in potable water, installing septic wells, pumping and finally hauling out water waste. Where applicable, our utility appliances can also be modified to support your energy requirements through a myriad of renewable and fuel driven solutions. Finally, our utility appliances can be integrated with office or workshop solutions by reconfiguring the ISO container platform.

Our deployable utility appliances are ideally suited for such government and private applications as:

  • Support of disaster relief institutions including the Red Cross, FEMA and the National Guard.
  • Support of federal infrastructure projects including highways and railroads.
  • Remote facilities support, including:
    • Mining, oil & gas exploration
    • Oil & gas drill or servicing sites
    • Pipeline projects
    • Airports/airstrips
    • Scientific research facilities
    • Weather stations
    • Public camp grounds
    • Rural or isolated communities
    • Recreational Vehicle (RV) Parks
  • Temporary or transitional infrastructure for construction or development projects.
  • Guardhouses, temporary offices, or workshop solutions.
  • Environmental remediation sites.
  • Bathroom facilities at parks or roadside rest stops.
  • Military deployment support.
  • Firefighting camps.
  • Outfitters, guides, or remote tourism.
  • Peacekeeping applications.

Residential Applications:

Our customizable utility packages can also be fitted for a number of residential applications. In particular, our line of Compact Wastewater Treatment Solutions (CWTS) are well suited as an alternative to residential septic systems. Our ability to treat grey water for release back into the local environment sets us apart from the common septic system. This technology also enables the capture of treated effluent for use as recycled water in residential irrigation.

Every installation of a septic system requires site specific design. The EcoNomadTM concept for above ground wastewater management systems offers unique, sustainable solutions, as all parts of the wastewater management system (including septic tanks) are placed above ground. While earthwork may be required, a minimal impact on the existing landscape should be expected. Our units can be housed inside existing structures (home or barn), or can be framed into a shed or alternative structure.

Our deployable utility appliances are ideally suited for such residential applications as:

  • Remote homes or lodges.
  • Recreational homes.
  • Land or property owners.
  • Alternative to septic systems.
  • Water recycling.
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