What We Do

Our aim is to provide turnkey solutions for your remote facilities and transitional infrastructure needs. We are your one-stop, remote project support and micro-infrastructure provider, with a small footprint both in the size of our solutions, and in the overall environmental impact.

At Ptarmigan Lane, our goal is to lead the industry in remote facilities support. Out highly skilled team are not only experts in such things as:

  • architectural and engineering design, including: potable water and wastewater systems development and installation; high efficiency micro-infrastructure solutions with a particular aim at energy optimization; fuel driven power systems; and alternative energy systems
  • operations management and project consulting, including: accounting, financial and legal analysis; strategy development; and technology integration;

We are also experts in backcountry operations. Our unique team has many years of back country experience that allows us to not only keep our clients safe while working in the most remote of locations, but allows us to recognize and plan for the difficulties associated with working in such locations.

Given our unique skill set, we have developed a three pronged approach to servicing our client's needs which includes both servicing the projects needs, and providing solutions that facilitate in the project's success:

  • we offer two categories of consulting during the infancy stages of your upcoming project: Planning, Consulting, Logistics, & Implementation (PCLI); and Custom Facilities Development & Design (CFDD); remaining ever aware of the remote nature of your project, and the special attention that requires;
  • once on the job site we offer a series of both pre-developed and customizable, deployable, micro-infrastructure solutions whose applications include:
    • Electricity: wherever possible, we are eager to utilize natural, renewable resources such as solar, wind and water; this, in conjunction with a micro-cogeneration engine capable of operating on various fuels, and standard generators, can provide all the energy requirements your facilities may need;
    • Potable Water: water from a local source, including ponds or reservoirs, streams, or wells, can be filtered on site in order to provide safe, sustainable, drinking water;
    • Wastewater: effluent from the host system is treated utilizing our unique biofilter system, resulting in superior quality, treated effluent, which can be immediately recycled into such applications as toilets or irrigation systems, or released into the local environment;
    • Heat: by capturing this free by-product of electricity generation, thermal energy is stored and transferred to both water and space heating;
    • Integrated Workspace: our containerized systems can be tooled to include a bathroom, shower facility, kitchen space, office, guardhouse, or workshop;
    • Other: in addition to these core solutions, we have countless professional relationships which allow us to provide facilities for residing, office and laboratory space, transportation, and catering services direct to the job site;
  • while on the job, our team is geared for on-site facilities servicing and project management. We employ operators capable of performance in extreme work environments, with management and leadership skills that inspire confidence and productivity.

Who We Are

Tristan R.M. Fitzpatrick

Position: Operations Management, Business Development, Contracts

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Economics; Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts; Master of Business Administration, emphasis in Business Development

Professional: Business Strategist; International Policy Analysis and Strategy Development; Horticulture and Golf Course Management; Backcountry Sports and Skiing Instructor

Academic Interests: Public Policy Development; Environmental Sciences; Web Based Social & Professional Network Interfacing

Personal Interests: While my passions are mountaineering and skiing, other interests include running, golfing, and bowling. I also enjoy attending to my vegetable garden, and volunteer at an aggressive animals clinic working to rehabilitate dogs that have been quarantined as dangerous.

Favorite Quote: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined" – Henry David Thoreau

Robert F. Aucone

Position: Financial & Legal Management, Contracts

Education: Bachelor of Science, Accounting; American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA); Management Consulting Services Division of the AICPA; AICPA Accredited in Business Valuations; AICPA Certified in Forensic Accounting;

Professional: Owner‐operator of Robert F. Aucone & Associates P.C. which specialized in business valuations and litigation support, prior to merging with BKD, LLP, a national CPA firm, to head up Business Valuation and Litigation Services for the firm. Forensic Accounting;

Academic Interests: Earth Science; Natural & Environmental Sciences; Zoology; Biological Systems

Personal Interests: My passions include cooking and travel. I enjoy watching Food Network Television and creating recipes from the various shows. I also enjoy playing golf, often times as a part of my travel; running, hiking and reading.

Favorite Quote: "Whatever you do today, give it all you have – it will better prepare you for what comes tomorrow" – personal quote.

Dave Anderson

Position: Engineering Solutions, Contracts

Education: BS in Math; Standford's Excellence in management program; certified to run Six Sigma efforts with Black Belts, Master Black Belts, Lean Masters

Professional: Business optimization and performance; project management; technical architecture; coaching and mentoring

Academic Interest: Personal development, business optimization, public policy, spiritual development

Personal interest: nature, climbing, hiking, swimming, history, international relations

Favorite quote: "The gateway to true life is narrow, the way difficult, and only a few ever find it." Matthew 7:14

Anthony Tynan

Position: Internet Developer/Designer

Professional: Over 15 years of Internet Design, Development using numerous programming languages and graphic technologies including PHP, mySQL, Adobe Software including Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks. 3D design using 3D Studio MAX and Modo

Academic Interests: Researching and learning new technologies that have to do with the internet, 3D and motion graphics. Serious/classical piano, guitar and musical composition.

Personal Interests: Hiking, Running and watching shows on the Universe

Favorite Quote: umm

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