Ptarmigan Lane: Commercial Outfitters

Here at Ptarmigan Lane our aim is to provide turn key solutions for your remote facilities and transitional infrastructure needs.

Our deployable micro-infrastructure solutions are second to none in efficiency, output, and cost. We handle onsite potable and waste-water treatment, power and heat systems, as well as offering a variety of integrated workspace solutions.

Our team is skilled at all aspects of remote facilities support, from preparation to implementation. We can help your team prepare for work in the backcountry, design custom solutions and offer onsite project management and support.

Our Micro - Infrastructure Solutions are ideal for applications including

  • Remote Work Camps
  • Scientific Research Facilities
  • Detached Utility Requirements
  • Military & Disaster Relief Operations
  • Transitional Infrastructure
  • Temporary Construction Sites

Our Systems are capable of being dropped anywhere; operating in the most extreme environments; instantly providing essential utilities to disaster victims.

    Potable Water Treatment Systems
  • Capable of 75K/Gallon/Day
  • 20' ISO Shipping Container

    Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Capable of 5.3K/Gallon/Day
  • 20/40' ISO Shipping Container

    Integrated Office Space Solutions
  • Custom Design Solutions Available
  • Self Contained Water Treatment

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